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Setting the Record Straight

There is still a lot of confusion among patients as to what happened and why I am no longer working at the old office. I wish I could say that it’s simple, but it’s not.

We sold the practice to a dental corporation who then sold the practice to a even larger corporation out of California supported by private equity investors. My original goal was for me to look forward to a financially stable future as I get older. I never intended to stop practicing dentistry. 

My standards are very high and I like to give patients the necessary time to do the job right. I always use the best materials and avoid using cheaper generics. Unfortunately, that policy does not often fit with high-volume / high revenue operations implemented by profit-focused corporations. In short, we didn’t see eye to eye and, as I had become an employee and not the owner of the practice, they let me go. 

Patients have told me that they still think I own the old office and am in charge of their personal information. I have no ownership, endorsement, affiliation, warranties, communication platform with regard to the old office. Most have told me they thought the dentist’s name posted is the owner and were not aware it was a corporation-based owner.

I was able to start up again in the south loop (see the address and directions below) but without an established base of patients. The problem I faced was that I could not directly contact any of my old patients due to the contracts signed when we sold the practice. I never want to abandon any patients as they have become like family to me. The solution to the problem is this web site, other social media and word of mouth.

After finding me on the web, people came to me with some very serious stories they had been told, such as that I retired, was at the university full time or my wife had passed away from cancer. Some of the other stories they heard were that I was dead, had some debilitating disease and I did not want to be contacted. It should be obvious that all of these stories are pure fabrications, are completely false and have created a great deal of collateral damage to all of my work and my patients.

Some people were told that I took a full-time job at the University of Illinois School of Dentistry. While I do work there on a limited part-time basis, the fact is that I have been doing that for years without it impacting my regular practice. Old patients were calling the Dean's Office of the school to find out how to contact me, which only added to his call volume and his office was not pleased. It effected my job there. How do people do this to others?

Knowing that the old practice would lose a lot of patients if it were known that I was back in business, someone decided to invent reasons why I wasn’t working there anymore. Believe me, none of those reasons you may have heard are true. I’m not retired, my family is doing well and I’m certainly not dead (not last time I looked, anyway).

So, to set the record straight, this has all been a silly situation that we need to put behind us. I am now helping many of my old patients and have room for many more. If you want to have me back as your dentist or are looking to become a patient for the first time, simply call Classic Smiles for an appointment.


I will be very pleased to see you!

“The report of my death was an exaggeration.” 

-Mark Twain

Facts You Should Know


Since moving to a new practice, there have been some strange stories told about what has happened to me. I thought you would enjoy hearing the facts.

FACT 1 – I Have NOT retired, secretly or otherwise
I am still a practicing dentist. I have just moved to a more comfortable setting where I am assured to have the time to provide you with the best dental care and personal service possible. My long time patients know me for my high quality work and deep concern for your health. This new arrangement allows me the time to fully care for my patients.


FACT 2 – I was NEVER secretly working at another office
I established my office in 1984 and worked there until just recently. I only worked in that office, unless I was working in a volunteer position with Dental Lifeline Network, Doctors Without Borders, or Mission of Mercy; charity work of which I am extremely proud.

FACT 3 – I, my wife and my family members are all still alive and well
We’ve heard a lot of strange stuff over the last few months, such as:
•    I have a debilitating illness (arthritis, Alzheimer’s, HIV,

     Athletes Foot). Nope, not true. I’m fine.
•    My mother passed away and/or I have left suddenly to

     care for her. Again, no. She’s fine and still quite spry.
•    I just left one day and did not return or communicate my

     absence to anyone. No, I never left, just moved to another

     office and am still quite talkative.
You have to wonder how these rumors get started, but rest assured, nothing like the above is remotely true.

FACT 4 – I am NOT working full time as a teacher

I am currently teaching part-time at the University of Illinois – Chicago Campus dental school and I have been for many years, even before I changed practices. This in no way hinders my time and ability to be your personal dentist. I learned how to walk and chew gum years ago.


FACT 5 – If you get any calls or mail from my previous practice, they are NOT coming from me

For some, it’s hard to say “goodbye.” Fortunately, I don’t have to. It’s not goodbye, it’s “See you in a new location!” Our new location is growing and we welcome old and new friends and their families. We would like to thank our patients who have found us and appreciate your continuing trust and support.


FACT 6 – I have NOT moved my practice out of the city of Chicago

My new practices is still in the heart of the city. The address, along with a map, are shown below. In fact, we have expanded our hours and have increased the number of dental plans we accept. Nice, right?


Have you heard anything different? If you have any questions about me and our new practice, just call and we’ll give you the truth.

Best regards,

Doctor Robert Deaver


New Location Listed Below

CoronaVirus / COVID-19 Update below



Classic Smiles

850 S. Wabash Avenue - Suite 250

Chicago, Illinois 60605


Coronavirus / covid-19 notice

To my dental family,


Our office at Classic Smiles is following the guidelines and recommendations by the Chicago Dental Society, Illinois State Dental Society, and the CDC. This will always be the case. As the guidelines change as the pandemic continues, we will change with the science.


The University of Illinois Dental School where I am on faculty follows the most stringent safety guidelines. We follow suit with enhanced sterilization and protocol that includes new health history, strict wipe down measures, pre-rinsing, full masks and glove technique, and full sterilization procedures. I get updates daily from the Chicago Dental Society and will make any recommended adjustments as they suggest.


You may email me with any concerns or if you wish to arrange a phone call with me, please contact me first through my private email, doctordeaver@gmail.com.

Blessings to all of you. I take my responsibility to all of you very seriously and am very fortunate to have such wonderful people in my life.


Thank you,


Bob Deaver